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For HP 45W 19.5V 2.31A 4.5mm*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
For HP 45W 19.5V 2.31A 4.5mm*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
For HP 45W 19.5V 2.31A 4.5mm*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
For HP 45W 19.5V 2.31A 4.5mm*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
For HP 45W 19.5V 2.31A 4.5mm*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
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For HP 45W 19.5V 2.31A 4.5mm*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU

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45W 19.5V 2.31A Laptop AC Adapter Battery Charger Power Supply PSU Power Adapter & 1.8m UK Mains Lead Included

Compatible Models:

45W 19.5V 2.31A Laptop AC Adapter Battery Charger Power Supply PSU Power Adapter For HP Pavilion 11-N000 X360 PC, 11-N001XX X360 11-N012DX X360, 11-N030CA X360 11-N040CA X360, Pavilion 13-A000 13-A100 X360, 13-A010DX X360 13-A012CL X360, 13-A012DX X360 13-A013CL X360, 13-A021NR X360 13-A041CA X360, 13-A051NR X360 13-A068CA X360, 13-A081NR X360 13-A091NR X360, Pavilion 15-D000 15-D010CA, Pavilion 15-D057NR 15-D058NR, Pavilion 15-D059NR 15-D060NR, Pavilion 15-D071NR 15-D072NR, Pavilion 15-D079NR 15-D087CA, Pavilion 15-D095NR 15-D096NR, Pavilion 15-P151NR 15-AF000, Pavilion15-D020NR 15-D030NR, Pavilion 15-D035DX 15-D040DX, Pavilion 15-D040NR 15-D056NR, Pavilion 15-AF015NR 15-AF017CA, Pavilion 15-N222NR 15-N223NR, Pavilion 15-N226NR 15-N227NR, Pavilion 15-N228NR 15-N228US, Pavilion 15-N229NR 15-N230NR, Pavilion 15-N232NR 15-N235NR, Pavilion 15-N236NR 15-N237NR, Pavilion 15-N238NR 15-N239NR, Pavilion 15-N240CA 15-N241NR, Pavilion 15-N242NR 15-N243NR, Pavilion 15-N245NR 15-N247NR, Pavilion 15-N249NR 15-N250NR, Pavilion 15-AF000 15-P151NR, Pavilion 15-N200 11-E115NR, Pavilion TouchSmart 11-E100, Pavilion 15-N210US 15-N212NR, Pavilion 15-N213NR 15-N214NR, Pavilion 15-N215NR 15-N216NR, Pavilion 15-N216US 15-N217NR, Pavilion 15-N218NR 15-N219NR, Pavilion 15-N220CA 15-N220NR, Pavilion 15-N220US 15-N221NR, Pavilion 15-N278SA, Pavilion 15-F000 15-F100, Pavilion 15-F200 15-F300, Pavilion 15-N100 15-N200, Pavilion 15-D097NR 15-D098NR, Pavilion 15-D099NR 15-F100DX, Pavilion 15-F004WM 15-F010DX, Pavilion 15-F010WM 15-F014WM, Pavilion 15-F024WM 15-F027CA, Pavilion 15-F033WM 15-F048CA, Pavilion 15-F125WM 15-F128CA, Pavilion 15-F133CA 15-F162DX, Pavilion 15-F210CA 15-F355NR, Pavilion 15-R100 15-R200, Pavilion 15-R015DX 15-R030NR, Pavilion 15-R031DS 15-R032DS, Pavilion 15-R033CA 15-R033DS, Pavilion 15-R034DS 15-R035DS, Pavilion 15-R036DS 15-R038CA, Pavilion 15-R039CA 15-R050NR, Pavilion 15-R053CL 15-R081NR, Pavilion 15-R131WM 15-R138CA, Pavilion 15-R174CA 15-R181NR, Pavilion 15-R210DX 15-R263DX, Pavilion 15-N253NR 15-N254NR, Pavilion 15-N257NR 15-N258NR, Pavilion 15-N259NR 15-N260NR, Pavilion 15-N260US 15-N261NR, Pavilion 15-N268NR 15-N269NR, Pavilion 15-N270NR 15-N271NR, Pavilion 15-N272NR 15-N277NR, Pavilion 15-N278NR 15-N279NR, Pavilion 15-N280CA 15-N280NR, Pavilion 15-N280US 15-N281NR, Pavilion 15-N282NR 15-N283NR, Pavilion 15-N284NR 15-N285NR, Pavilion 15-N286NR 15-N287NR, Pavilion 15-N293CL 15-N293NR, Pavilion 15-N294NR 15-N296NR, Pavilion 15-N297NR 15-N298NR, Pavilion 15-N299NR 15-N288NR, Pavilion 15-N289NR 15-N290NR, Pavilion 15-N291NR 15-N292NR, Pavilion 15-P000 15-P019NR, Pavilion 15-P022CA 15-P022NR, Pavilion 15-P023NR 15-P024NR, Pavilion 15-G042DS 15-G043DS, Pavilion 15-G048CA 15-G057CL, Pavilion 15-G059WM 15-G060NR, Pavilion 15-G067CL 15-G068CA, Pavilion 15-G070NR 15-G071NR, Pavilion 15-G072NR 15-G073NR, Pavilion 15-G074NR 15-G075NR, Pavilion 15-G077NR 15-G078NR, Pavilion 15-G080NR 15-G081NR, Pavilion 15-G082NR 15-G083NR, Pavilion 15-G085NR 15-G088CA, Pavilion 15-G090NR 15-G099NR, Pavilion 15-G100 15-G200, Pavilion 15-G163NR 15-G170NR, Pavilion 15-G227DS 15-G100CA, Pavilion 15-G229DS 15-G247CA, Pavilion 15-G261CA 15-G271NR, Pavilion 15-P026NR 15-P027NR, Pavilion 15-P028NR 15-P030NR, Pavilion 15-P031CY 15-P031NR, Pavilion 15-P032CY 15-P032NR, Pavilion 15-P033CA 15-P033CY, Pavilion 15-P033NR 15-P034NR, Pavilion 15-P035NR 15-P036NR, Pavilion 15-P037NR 15-P038NR, Pavilion 15-P039NR 15-P040NR, Pavilion 15-P043CL 15-P064US, Pavilion 15-P066US 15-P082NR, Pavilion 15-P100 15-P200, Pavilion 15-P150CA 15-P143CL, Pavilion 15-P213CL 15-P233CL Pavilion 17-F100 17-F200, Pavilion 17-F000 17-F001DX, Pavilion 17-F014NR 17-F021CY, Pavilion 17-F021NR 17-F022CY, Pavilion 17-F022NR 17-F023CY, Pavilion 17-F023NR 17-F024CY, Pavilion 17-F024NR 17-F025CY, Pavilion 17-F025NR 17-F026CY, Pavilion 17-F027CY 17-F029WM, Pavilion 17-F030US 17-F031NR, Pavilion 17-F032NR 17-F033NR, Pavilion 17-F034NR 17-F035NR, Pavilion 17-F036NR 17-F037CL, Pavilion 17-F037NR 17-F038NR, Pavilion 17-F039NR 17-F040NR, Pavilion 17-F040US 17-F053CA, Pavilion 17-F053US 17-F071NR, Pavilion 17-F121DS 17-F122DS, Pavilion 17-F123DS 17-F124DS, Pavilion 17-F125DS 17-F165NR, Pavilion 17-F166NR 17-F167NR, Pavilion 17-F168NR 17-F078CA, Pavilion 17-F215DX 17-F223CL, Pavilion 17-F233CL 17-F247CL, EliteBook Folio 1040 G1, EliteBook Folio 1040 G2, Elite X2 1011 G1 Tablet, EliteBook 1020 M-5Y71 N4P35PC, EliteBook Folio 1020 820 G1, Split 13-m001TU x2 E4Y04PA, Split 13-m002TU x2 E4Y05PA, Split 13-m003TU x2 E4Y06PA, Split 13-m004TU x2 E6F05PA, Split 13-m005TU x2 E6F31PA, Split 13-m006TU x2 E6F45PA, Split 13-m007TU x2 E6F46PA, Split 13-m008TU x2 E6F70PA, Split 13-g000/g100 x2 PC, Split 13-m000/m100 x2 PC, Split 13-g110DX x2 E8C34UA, Split 13-g118CA x2 E8C35UA, Split 13-g160BR x2 E7J08LA, Split 13-g180LA x2 E7H90LA, Split 13-g190LA x2 E2B88LA, Split 13-m010DX x2 E0W59UA

This charger is compatible with HP Laptop's those requires 45W 19.5V 2.31A and have DC Pin Size 4.5*3.0mm



Brand:                        Lite-am

Condition:                  New

Compatibility:            45W 19.5V 2.31A 4.5mm x 3.0mm

Power:                        45W

Output Voltage:         19.5V

Output Current:         2.31A

Input Voltage:            100-240V 50-60Hz 1.5A

DC Pin Size:               4.5mm x 3.0mm (Blue Tip With Pin Inside)

Safety Standards:      Certified to CE & FCC Standards and RoHS compliant

Warranty:                    1 Year

Note: We strongly recommend check your laptop adapter output voltage, output current and DC pin size before buying.


Package Contents:

1 x AC Adapter Charger

1 x 1.8m UK Mains Lead


Important Buyers Guide:

Our Replacement adapters are compatible with the laptop you are purchasing for. In most cases, you find that laptop varies their adapters even with the same series of laptops. It is not ideal to search your replacement adapter with the Model or series of a laptop.

In order to get the identical laptop charger it would be best to use the points below to identify if this adapter is correct before placing the order:


  • Please compare the Output Voltage/Amps of your original charger with the description of the replacement charger you are about to order (Found under the Specification Section Below). You will be able to find this on the label of your old charger or on the bottom of your laptop (Sometimes found under the battery in the battery compartment on the laptop body, but not on the battery itself). Ideally, try and match it off with your old or working charger.
  • Please compare the charging tip/connectors shape and size with your old charger to see it matches.



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      Original Lite-am Adapter

      Lite-am UK`s Leading Charger Brand is proud to introduce its upgraded Premium series

      The identical current level is a guarantee for flawless laptop performance and battery charging. A series of safety assets increase charging stability and provide protection from short-circuit.

      • The top-quality Lite-am charger
      • 100% compatible with Listed Model in the title
      • The charger works with laptops just like the original charger

      HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE: Over voltage, High temperature and Short-Circuit protection

      Lite-am Guarantee: All Lite-am branded products have a 12 months warranty that begins on the date of purchase.

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