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For Samsung 90W 19V 4.74A 5.5*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
For Samsung 90W 19V 4.74A 5.5*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
For Samsung 90W 19V 4.74A 5.5*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
For Samsung 90W 19V 4.74A 5.5*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU - Lcd4Laptop
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For Samsung 90W 19V 4.74A 5.5*3.0mm Laptop AC Adapter Charger PSU

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90W 19V 4.74A Laptop AC Adapter Battery Charger Power Supply PSU Power Adapter & 1.8m UK Mains Lead Included


Compatible Models:

90W 19V 4.74A Laptop AC Adapter Battery Charger Power Supply PSU Power Adapter For Samsung Series 2 200B5A, Series 3 NP300E5A, Series 3 NP300E5C, Series 3 NP300V4A, Series 3 NP300V5A, Series 3 NP300E5C-A05, Series 3 NP300E5A-S0E, Series 4 400B5B, Series 4 2200 400, Series 6 NP600B4B, Series 6 NP600B5B, NP-S3520 Series 6600B4B, R55 R65 T10 V20 V25 X20 X25, R58plus X50 X60 X65 R18 R39, R460 NP-M50 NP-M55 NP-M70, NP-P50 NP-P10 NP-P20 NP-P25, NP-P60 NP-R18 NP-R39 NP-R55, NP-R58 Plus NP-R460 NP-P55, NP-R65 NP-T10 NP-V20 NP-X20, NP-X65 NP-X25 NP-X50 NP-X60, M60 NP-M60 NP-P200 NP-P210, NP-P410 NP-P400 NP-P40c R410, NP-P460 NP-P500 NP-P510 R505, NP-P530 NP-Q430 NP-P580, NP-P560 P200 P210 P400 P40c, NP-P480 RF711 RC710 NP-RC510, NP-Q210 NP-Q310 NP-Q70 NP-R58, NP-Q320 Q320 X360 X460 R519, NP-QX410 NP-QX410-S01UA, NP-QX412-S04DE NP-QX511H, NP-QX511-S02NL NP-R522-AS01DE, NP-QX412-S02DE NP-QX412-S01DE, P480 R780 R530 R580 NP-X120, P560 P410 P460 P500 P510 P55, Q210 Q310 NP-R410 NP-R505 R58, R620 NP-R620 NP-R720 R509, RF510 P530 P580 Q430 Q530, RF710 R440 R590 R719 RC510, R710 R610 R70 R700 R520 X22, R480 G15 G25 RF712 NP-R518E, RF511 RF712 S300 S310 E372, NP-R780 NP-R719 NP-R590, NP-R509 NP-R580 NP-R530, NP-R440 NP-R405 NP-Q530, NP-R522E NP-R522-ET01DE, NP-R518 NP-R508 NP-R439E, NP-R519 NP-R520 R720 R405, NP-RF711 NP-RC710 NP-E352, NP-R480 NP-QX412H NP-QX510, NP-R70 NP-R700 NP-R710 R560, NP-R455 NP-G25 NP-G10 NP-G15, NP-R522 NP-R610 NP-R560 R522, NP-R522-FA02DE NP-R522-FA01DE, NP-X22 NP-X360 NP-X460 X12, NP-RC418H NP-RF511 NP-RC520, RMRMTAURUS RMRMROCKET, Series 7 Chronos 7 NP700Z5AH, Series 3 NP355V5C 5 NP550P5C
Samsung NP-X60TV01/SEG NP-X50T001/SEG, NP-X60TV02/SEG NP-X50T003/SCH, NP-X60TV03/SEG NP-X50T004/SCH, NP-X60TZ01/SEG NP-X50T005/SEG, NP-X60TZ02/SEG NP-X50T006/SEG, NP-X60TZ03/SEG NP-X60C000/SEG, NP-X65A000/SEG NP-X60C001/SEG, NP-X65A001/SEG NP-X60CV01/SEG, NP-X65A002/SEG NP-X60CV02/SEG, NP-X65A003/SEG NP-X60CZ00/SEG, NP-X65T001/SEG NP-X65T000/SEG, NP-X60P NV25 NX20 NP-R710I, P210I P460I P480E P480-JS02, P530-JA02 P530E P530I P560E, P580-JS05 P560I P580E R620E, P580-JS04 Q210I Q210-P8400, Q310E Q310-P8400 Q310-P7350, Q320-P7450 Q210-T6400 Q310E, Q320-P8700 Q210-T4200 Q320E, Q530E Q210-P9500 Q210-T3400, R508 R505I R505-QL62 R505-RM72, R509E R410P R440E R505E R578, R509-T3200 R55-T2300 R55-T2400, R560-P8400 R560-P7350 R590E, R560-P8700 R55-T5500 R580E, R560-P9500 R55-T5200 R55-T5300, R578VE R560-P7450 R580-JT02, R580-JT03 R580-JT04 R580-JT0M, R610-P8400 R580VE R610-P8700, R610-T5900 R610-P9500 RC710E, R620-P8700 R610-T3400 RC720, R65-T2300 R65-T5500 R700-T2390, R700-T9300 R700-T5750 R710R, R70-T5250 R700-T5550 R710I, R70-T5550 R700-T8100 R719E, R70-T7100 R70-T7250 R70-T7300, R70-T8300 R70-T7500 R710-P7350, R719-T4200 R710-P8600 R720E, R719-T4300 R719-T6600 R728CE, R720-P7350 R720-P8700 RF510E, R720-T4200 R720-T3400 RC530, R720-T6400 R720-T6500 R728CE, R720-T6600 R719-T4400 R728E, R728 R780-JT03 R780-JTBR R780E, RC530-S07 RC520-S03 RC530-S01, RC530-S08 RC530-S05 RC530-S09, RC720-S02 RC530-S0A RC530-S0B, RC720-S03 RC530-S0C RC530-S0D, RC730-S01 RC530-S0E RC530-S0F, RC730-S03 RC710-S04 RC710-S05, RC730-S04 RC710-S06 RC720H, RF510-S02 RC730-S05 RC730-S06, RF510-S05 RC730-S07 RC730-S08, RF510-S06 RC730-S09 RC730-S0C, RF510-S07 RC730-S0E RC730-S0F, RF711-S05 RF510-S08 RF710E, RF711-S07 RF710-S05 RF710-S06, RF711-S08 RF710-S07 RF710-S09

This charger is compatible with Samsung Laptop's those requires 90W 19V 4.74A and have DC Pin Size 5.5*3.0mm + With Centre Pin



Brand:                        Lite-am

Condition:                  New

Compatibility:            90W 19V 4.74A 5.5mm x 3.0mm

Power:                        90W

Output Voltage:         19V

Output Current:         4.74A

Input Voltage:            100-240V 50-60Hz 1.5A

DC Pin Size:               5.5mm x 3.0mm + With Centre Pin

Safety Standards:      Certified to CE & FCC Standards and RoHS compliant

Warranty:                    1 Year

Note: We strongly recommend check your laptop adapter output voltage, output current and DC pin size before buying.


Package Contents:

1 x AC Adapter Charger

1 x 1.8m UK Mains Lead


Important Buyers Guide:

Our Replacement adapters are compatible with the laptop you are purchasing for. In most cases, you find that laptop varies their adapters even with the same series of laptops. It is not ideal to search your replacement adapter with the Model or series of a laptop.

In order to get the identical laptop charger it would be best to use the points below to identify if this adapter is correct before placing the order:


  • Please compare the Output Voltage/Amps of your original charger with the description of the replacement charger you are about to order (Found under the Specification Section Below). You will be able to find this on the label of your old charger or on the bottom of your laptop (Sometimes found under the battery in the battery compartment on the laptop body, but not on the battery itself). Ideally, try and match it off with your old or working charger.
  • Please compare the charging tip/connectors shape and size with your old charger to see it matches.



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      Original Lite-am Adapter

      Lite-am UK`s Leading Charger Brand is proud to introduce its upgraded Premium series

      The identical current level is a guarantee for flawless laptop performance and battery charging. A series of safety assets increase charging stability and provide protection from short-circuit.

      • The top-quality Lite-am charger
      • 100% compatible with Listed Model in the title
      • The charger works with laptops just like the original charger

      HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE: Over voltage, High temperature and Short-Circuit protection

      Lite-am Guarantee: All Lite-am branded products have a 12 months warranty that begins on the date of purchase.

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