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65W 18.5V 3.5A Laptop AC Adapter Battery Charger Power Supply PSU Power Adapter & 1.8m UK Mains Lead Included

Compatible Models:

65W 18.5V 3.5A Laptop AC Adapter Battery Charger Power Supply PSU Power Adapter For HP, HP Compaq 6510b 6515b 6735b 8510p, Compaq 6735s 6820s 6830s 6910p, Compaq NC4010 NC4200 NC6120, Compaq NC6140 NC6220 NC6230, Compaq NX6110 NX6115 NX6120, Compaq NX6125 NX6310 NX6315, Compaq NX6320 NX6400 NX8420, Elitebook Folio 9480m, 8510w 8710w Workstation, nw8440 nw9440 Workstation, Presario CQ35 CQ40 CQ45, Presario CQ50 CQ51 CQ60, Presario CQ61 CQ70 CQ71, Pavilion DV4 DV5 DV7 Series, 391172-001 384019-003, 384019-001 PA-1650-02HC, 463958-001 384019-001, 384019-002 463552-001, N18152,412786-001 418872-001, ED494AAR ED494AA ED494AA#ABA
ProBook 6570b 6565b, ProBook 6560b 6550b, ProBook 6545b 6475b, ProBook 6470b 6465b, ProBook 6460b 6450b, ProBook 6445b 6440b, ProBook 640 G1 6360b, ProBook 5330m 5320m, ProBook 5310m 5220m, ProBook 4730s 4720s, ProBook 4710s 455 G1, ProBook 4545s 4540s, ProBook 4535s 4530s, ProBook 4525s 4520s, ProBook 4515s 4510s, ProBook 450 G1 450 G0, ProBook 445 G1 4446s, ProBook 4441s 4440s, ProBook 4436s 4435s, ProBook 4431s 4430s, ProBook 4425s 4421s, ProBook 4420s 4416s, ProBook 4415s 4411s, ProBook 4410s 4341s, ProBook 4340s 4331s, ProBook 4330s 4326s, ProBook 4325s 4321s, ProBook 4320s 4311s, ProBook 4310s 4230s, HP 463958-001
Pavilion G6-2248CA, G6-2253NR G6-2254CA, G6-2260HE G6-2269WM, G6-2270DX G6-2278DX, G6-2279WM G6-2288CA, G6-2291NR G6-2292NR, G6-2293NR G6-2295NR, G6-2296NR G6-2297NR, G6-2298NR G6-2319NR, G6-2330DX G6-2342DX, G6-2346NR G6-2382SA, G6-2391NR G6-2392NR, G6-2393NR G6-2394NR, G6-2395NR G6-2396NR, G6-2397NR G6-2398NR, G6T-2000 G7-1033CL, G7-1150US G7-1156NR, G7-1222NR G7-1227NR, G7-1255SA G7-1273NR, G7-1277DX G7-1310US, G7-1314NR G7-1327DX, G7-1330CA G7-1333CA, G7-1350DX G7-2010NR, G7-2069WM G7-2124NR, G7-2217CL G7-2221NR, G7-2223NR G7-2224NR, G7-2225EB G7-2226NR, G7-2227NR G7-2233CL, G7-2235DX G7-2238NR, G7-2240DX G7-2243NR, G7-2243US G7-2244NR, G7-2246NR G7-2247US, G7-2250NR G7-2251DX, G7-2257NR G7-2269WM, G7-2275DX G7-2279WM, G7-2281NR G7-2282NR, G7-2283NR G7-2284NR, G7-2285NR G7-2286NR, G7-2287NR G7-2288NR, G7-2289WM G7-2291NR
Presario CQ57-489WM, CQ60-100ER CQ58-A10NR, CQ60-101ER CQ60-103ER, CQ60-102ER CQ60-104ER, CQ60-106ER CQ60-105ER, CQ60-108EO CQ60-110EO, CQ60-109EO CQ60-112LA, CQ60-115EO CQ60-113EO, CQ60-116EO CQ60-120EO, CQ60-117EO CQ60-123EZ, CQ60-127EO CQ60-125EO, CQ60-131EZ CQ60-135EZ, CQ60-135EO CQ60-140EO, CQ60-200ER CQ60-200EO, CQ60-201EO CQ60-202ER, CQ60-202EO CQ60-202US, CQ60-203NR CQ60-203EO, CQ60-204EO CQ60-205EO, CQ60-204NR CQ60-205ER, CQ60-206US CQ60-205EZ, CQ60-207EO CQ60-208CA, CQ60-207ER CQ60-209EO, CQ60-210EO CQ60-210CA, CQ60-210ER CQ60-211DX, CQ60-210US CQ60-212US, CQ60-215DX CQ60-214DX, CQ60-218CA CQ60-216EO, CQ60-216DX CQ62-217CA, CQ62-220US CQ70-110EO, CQ70-111CA CQ70-115EO, CQ70-117CA CQ70-118CA, CQ70-118EO CQ70-118NR, CQ70-119CA CQ70-120EO, CQ70-120US CQ70-124CA, CQ70-127NR CQ70-128NR, CQ70-134CA CQ70-158EZ, CQ70-215EO CQ70-220EO, CQ70-235EZ CQ70-246EZ, CQ56-224LA CQ57-410US, CQ57-315NR CQ56-204LA, CQ56-206LA CQ56-205LA, CQ56-122NR CQ56-203LA, CQ56-202LA CQ50Z-100, CQ56-115DX CQ56-109WM, CQ50-222BR CQ50-228CA, CQ50-225LA CQ50-215NR, CQ50-217NR CQ50-217CL, CQ50-213BR CQ50-215CA, CQ50-212CA CQ50-110BR, CQ50-109ER CQ50-109CA, CQ50-110US CQ50-110ER, CQ50-110EO CQ50-112BR, CQ50-111LA CQ50-111BR, CQ50-113BR CQ50-128NR, CQ50-116LA CQ50-113CA, CQ50-115NR CQ50-115LA, CQ50-114BR CQ50-114EO, CQ50-112EO CQ50-133US, CQ50-212BR CQ50-211NR, CQ50-139NR CQ50-210US, CQ50-210BR CQ50-139WM, CQ50-209WM CQ50-209NR, CQ50-140US CQ50-209CA
Presario CQ60-233EZ, CQ60-224CA CQ60-220US, CQ60-220EO CQ60-218CA, CQ60-216EO CQ60-216DX, CQ60-215DX CQ60-214DX, CQ60-212US CQ60-211DX, CQ60-210US CQ60-210ER, CQ60-210EO CQ60-210CA, CQ60-209EO CQ60-208CA, CQ60-207ER CQ60-207EO, CQ60-206US CQ60-205EZ, CQ60-205ER CQ60-205EO, CQ60-204NR CQ60-204EO, CQ60-203NR CQ60-203EO, CQ60-202US CQ60-202ER, CQ60-202EO CQ60-201EO, CQ60-200ER CQ60-200EO, CQ60-140EO CQ60-135EZ, CQ60-135EO CQ60-131EZ, CQ60-127EO CQ60-125EO, CQ60-123EZ CQ60-120EO, CQ60-117EO CQ60-116EO, CQ60-115EO CQ60-113EO, CQ60-112LA CQ60-110EO, CQ60-109EO CQ60-108EO, CQ60-106ER CQ60-105ER, CQ60-104ER CQ60-103ER, CQ60-102ER CQ60-101ER, Presario CQ62-421NR, CQ62-419NR CQ62-418NR, CQ62-417NR CQ62-416NR, CQ62-413NR CQ62-412NR, CQ62-411NR CQ62-410US, CQ62-238DX CQ62-231NR, CQ62-228DX CQ62-225NR, CQ62-220US CQ62-219WM, CQ62-217CA CQ62-214NR, CQ62-211HE CQ62-209CA, CQ62z-200 CQ62z-300, Presario CQ70-246EZ, CQ70-235EZ CQ70-220EO, CQ70-215EO CQ70-158EZ, CQ70-134CA CQ70-128NR, CQ70-127NR CQ70-124CA, CQ70-120US CQ70-120EO, CQ70-119CA CQ70-118NR, CQ70-118EO CQ70-118CA, CQ70-117CA CQ70-115EO

Pavilion DV3-1075CA, DV3-1075US DV3-1077CA, DV3-1124CA DV3-1253NR, DV3-2150US DV3-2154CA, DV3-2155MX DV3-2157CL, DV3Z-1000 DV3T-2000, DV4-1014NR DV4-1020US, DV4-1028US DV4-1114NR, DV4-1117CA DV4-1117NR, DV4-1118CA DV4-1120BR, DV4-1120US DV4-1121BR, DV4-1121CA DV4-1123LA, DV4-1123US DV4-1124LA, DV4-1124NR DV4-1125BR, DV4-1125LA DV4-1125NR, DV4-1126LA DV4-1127LA, DV4-1130BR DV4-1131BR, DV4-1135BR DV4-1136BR, DV4-1140GO DV4-1145BR, DV4-1145GO DV4-1150BR, DV4-1155SE DV4-1166CA, DV4-1212LA DV4-1213LA, DV4-1214LA DV4-1217LA, DV4-1220BR DV4-1220US, DV4-1222LA DV4-1222NR, DV4-1223LA DV4-1225DX, DV4-1225LA DV4-1227LA, DV4-1227US DV4-1228CA, DV4-1230BR DV4-1235BR, DV4-1241BR DV4-1245BR, DV4-1250BR DV4-1265DX, DV4-1272CM DV4-1275MX, DV4-1280US DV4-1281US, DV4-1282CM DV4-1283CL
Pavilion DV4-1292CM, DV4-1308CA DV4-1313DX, DV4-1320CA DV4-1322US, DV4-1365DX DV4-1379NR, DV4-1412LA DV4-1412NR, DV4-1413LA DV4-1414LA, DV4-1416LA DV4-1417CA, DV4-1419CA DV4-1421LA, DV4-1423LA DV4-1424LA, DV4-1425LA DV4-1427NR, DV4-1428CA DV4-1428DX, DV4-1430US DV4-1431US, DV4-1433CL DV4-1433SB, DV4-1433US DV4-1435CA, DV4-1435DX DV4-1444DX, DV4-1454CA DV4-1465DX, DV4-1514DX DV4-1520BR, DV4-1520LA DV4-1521LA, DV4-1522LA DV4-1523LA, DV4-1524LA DV4-1525LA, DV4-1526LA DV4-1530BR, DV4-1530CA DV4-1540US, DV4-1541US DV4-1543SB, DV4-1547SB DV4-1548DX, DV4-1548NR DV4-1550BR, DV4-1551DX DV4-1555DX, DV4-1620BR DV4-1621LA, DV4-1622LA DV4-1623LA, DV4-1624LA DV4-1626LA, DV4-1640BR DV4-2012BR, DV4-2012LA DV4-2013LA, DV4-2014BR DV4-2014LA, DV4-2015BR DV4-2016BR, DV4-2020CA DV4-2025LA, DV4-2030BR DV4-2040US, DV4-2041NR DV4-2045DX
Pavilion DV5-2040BR, DV5-2040CA DV5-2047CA, DV5-2050BR DV5-2050CA, DV5-2051XX DV5-2052XX, DV5-2060BR DV5-2070US, DV5-2072NR DV5-2073NR, DV5-2080BR DV5-2112BR, DV5-2114BR DV5-2115BR, DV5-2130US DV5-2135DX, DV5-2155DX DV5-2230LA, DV5-2230US DV5-2231BR, DV5-2231LA DV5-2232LA, DV5-2234BR DV5-2235LA, DV5-2239LA DV5-2240LA, DV5-2241LA DV5-2244LA, DV5-2245LA DV5-2246LA, DV5T-1000 DV5T-1100, DV5T-1200SE DV5TSE-1100, DV6-1027NR DV6-1030CA, DV6-1030US DV6-1038CA, DV6-1053CL DV6-1108CA, DV6-1122US DV6-1124CA, DV6-1134CA DV6-1138CA, DV6-1148CA DV6-1208CA, DV6-1230CA DV6-1230US, DV6-1234NR DV6-1237CA, DV6-1238NR DV6-1240US, DV6-1243CL DV6-1244SB, DV6-1245DX DV6-1247CL, DV6-1248CA DV6-1250US, DV6-1259DX DV6-1263CL, DV6-1270LA DV6-1275LA, DV6-1288LA DV6-1330CA, DV6-1334CA DV6-1334US, DV6-1338CA DV6-1350US, DV6-1351NR DV6-1352DX, DV6-1353CL DV6-1354US, DV6-1355DX DV6-1359WM, DV6-1375DX DV6-1378NR, DV6-1388LA DV6-2010SA, DV6-2020CA DV6-2028CA, DV6-2043US DV6-2044CA, DV6-2044DX DV6-2057CL, DV6-2066DX DV6-2088DX, DV6-2120CA DV6-2128CA, DV6-2138CA DV6-2150US, DV6-2151CL DV6-2152NR, DV6-2155DX DV6-2157SB, DV6-2157US DV6-2157WM, DV6-2162NR DV6-2170US
Pavilion DM1-3060LA, DM1-3070LA DM1-3080LA, DM1-3090LA DM1-3170LA, DM1-3210US DM1-4013NR, DM1-4150LA DM1-4160CA, DM1-4170US DM1-4190CA, DM1-4210US DM1-4211NR, DM1-4270LA DM1-4310NR, DM4-1003XX DM4-1050CA, DM4-1060US DM4-1062NR, DM4-1063HE DM4-1065DX, DM4-1150CA DM4-1160US, DM4-1162US DM4-1164NR, DM4-1165DX DM4-1201US, DM4-1202NR DM4-1250CA, DM4-1253CL DM4-1265DX, DM4-1275CA DM4-1277SB, DM4-1280LA DM4-2050US, DM4-2053CA DM4-2070US, DM4-3050US DM4-3090SE, DM4-3170SE DM4-3180LA, DM4-3182LA DM4T-1000, DM4T-1100 DM4T-1200

This charger is compatible with HP Laptop's those requires 65W 18.5V 3.5A and have DC Pin Size 7.4*5.0mm



Brand:                        Lite-am

Condition:                  New

Compatibility:            65W 18.5V 3.5A 7.4mm x 5.0mm

Power:                        65W

Output Voltage:         18.5V

Output Current:         3.5A

Input Voltage:            100-240V 50-60Hz 1.5A

DC Pin Size:               7.4mm x 5.0mm + With Centre Pin

Safety Standards:      Certified to CE & FCC Standards and RoHS compliant

Warranty:                    1 Year

Note: We strongly recommend check your laptop adapter output voltage, output current and DC pin size before buying.


Package Contents:

1 x AC Adapter Charger

1 x 1.8m UK Mains Lead


Important Buyers Guide:

Our Replacement adapters are compatible with the laptop you are purchasing for. In most cases, you find that laptop varies their adapters even with the same series of laptops. It is not ideal to search your replacement adapter with the Model or series of a laptop.

In order to get the identical laptop charger it would be best to use the points below to identify if this adapter is correct before placing the order:


  • Please compare the Output Voltage/Amps of your original charger with the description of the replacement charger you are about to order (Found under the Specification Section Below). You will be able to find this on the label of your old charger or on the bottom of your laptop (Sometimes found under the battery in the battery compartment on the laptop body, but not on the battery itself). Ideally, try and match it off with your old or working charger.
  • Please compare the charging tip/connectors shape and size with your old charger to see it matches.



      Orders received with cleared funds before 2:00 PM will be dispatched on a same working day. Any orders received after 2.00 PM may be dispatched the same working day or next working day. Orders received at weekends and public holidays will be dispatched the next working day. If your payment method is PayPal, we will only dispatch your order to your PayPal registered address. Please make sure your shipping address is the same as your PayPal address. Incorrect address may cause delays and will incur re-shipping costs.


      Original Lite-am Adapter

      Lite-am UK`s Leading Charger Brand is proud to introduce its upgraded Premium series

      The identical current level is a guarantee for flawless laptop performance and battery charging. A series of safety assets increase charging stability and provide protection from short-circuit.

      • The top-quality Lite-am charger
      • 100% compatible with Listed Model in the title
      • The charger works with laptops just like the original charger

      HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE: Over voltage, High temperature and Short-Circuit protection

      Lite-am Guarantee: All Lite-am branded products have a 12 months warranty that begins on the date of purchase.

      If there are any product quality problems, please feel free to contact our customer service agents for help.

      More information about delivery, payment, warranty and returns visit FAQ.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Robin Dunning
      Perfect replacement.

      My original charger blew a gasket and stopped working. I needed a quick replacement. This charger did exactly that and I was back in business and it works perfectly.

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